How to clean your home?


when you enter a room, you’ll probably notice right away the places to clean up. Can a stack waiting to wash laundry on the corner, or in the sink to clean dishes, pots and pans.

After cleaning everything in front of the eyes, but what about the rest of the room? Here are seven different places we forget to clean.

1-Bottom Furniture

when you look under the seat or a bed usually you can see that navigate by flying dust has accumulated, it can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner or dusters. What about furniture? Bed in the bottom of the Chair child or accumulated impurities and dirt can go into shock when you see.

There are wacky and eggs, formed from dust and dirt to get rid of at least twice a year with a vacuum cleaner to clean these parts.

2-walls and Plinth

Powders and dirt up vertical and horizontal fields may accumulate in areas. When you open your curtains and light wall saw how dirty your standing you can be surprised. Especially if you are using the wallpaper, these spots will attract your attention.

Powders and the top of the wall to clean impurities from the start, you can wander down to the clearing. Light switches, door handles, the oils or dirt accumulated in clearing is completed the next step.

Configure your firewall by reviewing your baseboard cleaning business you can finish. This is a small part of the dust can accumulate will surprise you. Kitchen or bathroom is a little more humid, such as in to clear the dust that clings to the due to moisture, you may need to use a damp cloth.

3-doors, Cabinets and Frames on the top Parts

while cleaning, you should also check the upper parts. You can find a lot more dirt than you want. We’re usually right in front of us we tend to ignore non-parts. Regular door frames, kitchen and clothes closet cleaning of the frames and ceiling edge is we lose sight of the need to have a job.

While lighting up your change ready or vantilatörünüzün you can also check the top of the ceiling. Cobwebs and dust around here also you can clean with the help of a garbage pail. Microfiber cloth and using this you can easily perform the cleanliness of fields.

4-air filters and Fans

If you have central air conditioning in your home is usually linked with open parts of your home with this system. Air temperature or cold ways traded passes through here and come back.

If this system will keep the pieces of dust and pollen in a filter is not available, they will easily return to the area where you live. These types of filters are very expensive or very cheap there are so many different variations available in the form of networks. Which type you use for your business effectively, you need to change the filter and to clean. Changing the filter when you’re ready you can also clear the air channels. You start breathing more comfortable and less dust in your home.

Single glass or your fan, remember to clear your in the same way.

5-when cleaning out your wardrobe Closet Floors you should

is not difficult to spot. If all the outfits together, begins to rise or shelves thoroughly when you open your cover something yığılıyorsa it’s time to clean up.

-well, all on the ground, including the last time you cleaned out your closet? Closet floors-especially if you are a non-wood floors-can very easily dust and dirt and trash from your shoes. This field can easily rot if you want or böceklenerek can cause your favorite clothes are ruined.

At least at the beginning of each season for all your clothes, you must do a complete clean-up here and. In the meantime, an appropriate place to donate the clothes you’re not using it and also left a great time to place properly.

6-vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies

If your cleaning material wet piss pussy editi … that means when every cleaning up this mess is home to disseminate. When was the last time you vacuum cleaner, cleaning dusters or did you check your brushes?

Of course, change your vacuum cleaner filter is throwing and he’s wearing a new one instead. But that holds part of the filter once a month or two you need to clean once a month. Most of these filters is hot and soapy water wash and suitable to dry in the normal way. Probably none of this can be found in the filters need to be changed and washed away. The less dust, the better results you can get.

Viledalarınızın titles, all of your cleaning brush, sponge, hot water and disinfectant to clean after each use with a cleansing materials. Kitchen sponges can lead to accumulation of bacteria and bacteria in the hair when changing on a regular basis.

7-Interior Plants

Bitkileriniz live, albeit artificial, even if you cannot believe the amount of dust can accumulate on them. Most of the live plant shower under the heading gently with a wash can be made clean. But If you cannot move your plant, the greater the Microfiber cloth using you may need to remove each leaf individually.

Artificial plants can wash under the shower in the same way, to get rid of dust on the outside can be cleaned with the help of a hair dryer. Artificial plants to stop your brighter and more vibrant if you want a little salt and soda you can do with the application. When you have escaped from the dust around your home, you’ll notice it looks kind of much more vivid.

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